I believe that art can be part of any productive activity, and consider myself an artist in all aspects of life. Beyond photography, I make ceramics and work in wood, metal and stone. I often find myself absorbed in the details of life, the things that often go unnoticed in the everyday bustle. I am most attracted to the natural world both in its pure undisturbed form and as it clings to the fringes of our anthropogenic world. The intricate patterns in nature are unrivaled by anything manufactured and I think that photography is an ideal way to capture them. In my work, I allow the natural beauty of the subject to take center stage with minimal intervention in an attempt to achieve the best possible image . In photography this means shooting in natural light and keeping post-production work light.

If you are interested in purchasing prints, hiring me for a photo shoot, or have questions or comments please contact me at raussephoto@gmail.com